Public Affairs Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Liaise and be a spokesperson between government entities, business organizations, PHI and community leaders in service area.

Develop internal stakeholders network to collect information on system operations and develop corporate positions.

Testify on company’s behalf in local and state legislative forum as PHI lobbyist.

Resolve stakeholders and government offices’ constituent concerns.

Screen and submit corporate contributions requests to develop stakeholder relations and support company initiatives.

Create and execute public outreach campaigns on complex or controversial subjects.

Determine and strategize problems to manage PHI’s political risk exposure in service area.

Handle corporate economic development in service area and multiple priorities.

Prepare committees, legislators and agencies response to consult with section manager, Senior Vice President and Vice President.

Resolve inquiries and complaints from delegation staff on constituents’ behalf.

Develop and execute issues management program and liaise between department and subject matter experts.

Lead and support development and direction of HEB’s Public Affairs strategies and corporate initiatives.

Lead community and civic roles.

Counsel and resolve on civic affairs and community needs.

Handle contractors, staff, third party consultants and project teams.

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