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Reporting Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Design and execute automated procedures interfacing with systems to report business analytics and sales support indicators.

Develop business, functions, processes and operations’ thorough understanding and update on market trends impacting business department.

Generate periodic reports on sales point ranking with accuracy to identify and process data sources.

Enquire from management, sales, departments and affiliates on data systems and reports.

Collect, review and log data totals into database for reporting and ensure accuracy and report deliverables’ timelines.

Handle department production reports on report logs and user manuals.

Oversee reports and deliverables complying with administrative invoicing.

Develop queries to extract data on department needs.

Test reports and use problem solving skills to determine problems’ root cause and suggest solutions with users.

Publish reports’ final version in Hyperion work space and set up user access and security measures.

Record limits, sort order, scripts and relevant data to document report logic and operations.

Handle reimplementation work and determine nature of support on skills and projects.

Discuss with staff, users and management to develop requirements to create new report or revise current report.

Enhance reports within cost constraints.

Determine opportunities to streamline manual processes and develop automate relationship and product profitability support function.

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