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Marketing Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare and maintain contact with all prime targeted referral sources in direction to develop new referrals.

Identify new referral sources plus follow up with ejected clients to find out needs to re-establish service.

Provide referral sources using existing information on services.

Identify appropriately community senior’s needs, coordinate education plus program services to fulfill identified needs.

Develop annual marketing plan with company director.

Participate in continuing marketing and planning evaluation activities inclusive of ongoing competitive analysis, marketing needs evaluation and referrals tracking.

Involve in events and activities to promote Senior Independence image.

Facilitate coordination of all marketing activities.

Involve in program and department planning meetings as well as report information to entire program personnel on marketing issues.

Participate in corporate as well as local training as required on sales plus marketing principles procedures.

Maintain existing knowledge of government and funding regulations.

Ensure to conceptualize, prepare and implement strategic plans for all marketing communications.

Develop messaging for every marketing communication form.

Develop and execute effective, innovative and comprehensive company’s marketing programs and strategies.

Supervise trends in all social media tools plus applications along with apply main findings.

Execute agency’s marketing plan as well as direct mail campaigns in agent’s direction.

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