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Instrumentation Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Manage, update and supply collected data.

Analyze and ensure to standardize equipment on return.

Support section supervisor to coordinate and maintain facilities of Environmental Systems Integration Laboratory (ESIL).

Determine ESIL needs for services and equipments.

Supervise current equipment service contracts.

Coordinate repairs plus supervise defective equipment returns.

Coordinate with movers, riggers and top-bay space owners for every particular requirement.

Perform as instrument engineering coordinator.

Perform individually and with varied section personnel to document systems.

Develop and maintain relations with suppliers to prepare control plus data acquisition systems.

Ensure to procure instrumentation systems as specified.

Maintain and update instrumentation systems and electronic control.

Ensure new and current electronic systems complying with latest safety rules.

Explain electronic measurement arrangement to procedure.

Prepare engineering technical solutions and client testing requirements.

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