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Mechatronics Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Execute reliable electro-mechanical processes.

Execute reliable computer control systems for manufacturing equipment.

Integrate electrical and mechanical systems to enhance manufacturing systems.

Develop new electro-mechanical concepts for new product lines.

Draft and document programs for electro-mechanical and test systems.

Develop programming logic for manufacturing equipment.

Design and execute new electro-mechanical systems for new product lines.

Develop and test mechanical devices for high throughput laboratory automation use.

Manufacture and assemble new equipment with manufacturing group.

Create software and procedures to control automated lab equipment.

Enhance laboratory equipment and processes with scientists.

Present reports at internal technical meetings.

Design and prototype mechatronic devices with motors, solenoids, gears, sensors and springs.

Package electronics like printed circuit boards, sensors, connectors and cabling.

Install and debug actuators into vehicles.

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