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Product Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Administer and validate various new products and services to ensure effective implementation plans.

Assist all departments and provide technical assistance according to regulations.

Coordinate with departments and select appropriate products for various device designs.

Coordinate with suppliers and external vendors and ensure effectiveness of all programs.

Coordinate with customers and analyze all customer requirements to prepare appropriate strategies.

Ensure confidentiality of all new product information for organization.

Coordinate with quality team and perform various tests on pre and post production to resolve all issues.

Assist suppliers and internal processes to set up various quality benchmarks.

Prepare and evaluate all layout reports and facilitate corrective measure if required.

Validate and integrate various initial systems for products.

Prepare training course and schedule for various field services.

Design various process design for mechanical equipments.

Install various equipments according to maintenance manuals.

Prepare data sheets for various equipments and prepare appropriate plans.

Perform troubleshoot on all products and assist it on site installation.

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