Project Engineer Mechanical Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain all materials for control activities and prepare all field requisitions and inspect all warehouse materials and evaluate all specification and provide mechanical and engineering support on all project work.

Analyze all customer requests and design all product specification and documents all results and assist all engineering staff to design specifications and prepare all CAD designs and facilitate all product modification.

Supervise all tests on prototype units and propose changes to meet all product specifications and complete required paperwork for all customer product and perform all administrative duties and provide required training to staff.

Coordinate with various departments to recommend required quality improvements and cost reductions for all activities and prepare project schedule and assist risk mitigation plans and manage all acquisition materials and ensure compliance to all mechanical plans.

Administer all project implementation and resolve all technical issues and prepare all project estimates in coordination with senior management and customer and provide and efficient interface for all project prototype and efficient planning.

Assist management for closure on all emergency issues for shutdown processes and provide training support to all operations and coordinate with various departments to monitor multiple sites and projects and provide on site support to all project managers and train all technicians.

Prepare documents for all business systems and procedures and evaluate designs and maintain records on all unit configurations and identify all process improvement and recommend increase in productivity and manage all communication with internal and external customers and provide updates.

Design all project schedule and plans and analyze all work instructions and hazards and develop various techniques to evaluate all project results and perform research to design all project proposals and maintain safety in working environment at all times.

Manage all communication with internal and external customers and provide an effective interface with all R&D managers and resolve all complex issues and ensure optimal utilization of all resources to obtain all desired results.

Monitor budget of all small and medium size engineering support and design all contracts in coordination with internal employees and implement various stages of engineering projects and perform troubleshoot on all processes and resolve all system queries.

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