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Media Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with customers to identify requirements, status and delivery.

Collaborate with customers to define all future products.

Support with development, testing, installation, implementation, maintenance of all equipments.

Recommend solutions to improve mediated classroom technology systems inclusive of traditional classrooms as well as computer labs on campus.

Conduct preventive plus corrective maintenance for mediated equipment.

Inspect, clean, test and perform routine maintenance on mediated equipments.

Update and maintain regularly all equipment as well as equipment storage areas.

Research and execute physical security requirements for media system components.

Consult, install, test and execute new system hardware and applications.

Analyze supplier-supplied hardware and suggest purchase of audio and visual products for classroom suitable to needs of user teams or unit.

Coordinate with all outside contractors of implement, maintain and support.

Support with classroom equipment delivery systems as required.

Train and support personnel concerned with assigned functions.

Support computer lab upgrades as well as projects as required.

Maintain positive interactions with all clients and top level of client satisfaction.

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