Media Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Establish and monitor performance benchmarks and media cost with agencies.

Evaluate media efforts results and prepare measures of success.

Ensure program outcomes receive best possible business benefit levels.

Recommend marketing management on media policies development for maximum effectiveness.

Perform with Market Research, agencies as well as brand teams to optimize investment return for advertising management and media planning.

Supervise media marketplace to remain updated on latest media trends.

Identify opportunities and evolving issues and interpret new technologies along with consumer reaction.

Develop detailed understanding of media measurement as well as evaluation standards.

Compile third party data sources information such as MRI, Nielsen, and Simmons etc.

Analyze media research as well as translate into strategy.

Manage and maintain media budgets along with implement authorized plans, media payments and purchase orders.

Ensure approve payment invoices and advertising billing.

Interact with agencies plus outside suppliers for billing issues plus dispute resolution.

Manage entire media budge activities.

Maintain precise spending estimates and upgrade as required.

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