Media Producer Responsibilities and Duties

Plan, envision and implement creative as well as instructional video productions surpassing client expectations.

Develop relations between management, outside vendors, site production, post production and customer to develop premium products.

Manage and monitor production inclusive of crew, talent, timelines as well as location responsibilities.

Lead and direct transparently along with seek input from others.

Perform as part of creative team partnering with various producers, directors, crew and production management.

Manage and oversee media products production through development process.

Schedule, gather content, manage content, develop site, QA, bug fixes as well as site roll-out.

Perform closely with business-side managers and editors to interpret content along with media requirements.

Ensure to troubleshoot reported errors as well as debug to carefully interpret and solve problems.

Solve problems proactively in fast-paced web atmosphere.

Manage and monitor resources, schedules and media production expectations.

Identify current and new title-specific product requirements.

Perform closely with QA and development team to develop products on schedule.

Identify and convey issues delaying or interrupting media development procedure.

Interact with top-level staff inclusive of editors, publishers and senior management.

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