Media Relations Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Provide strategic media relations plans direct management and outreach approximately 1-2 staff members.

Supervise management and facilitate to execute media relations outreach for special events, programs and major initiatives.

Monitor materials development supporting affiliates, campus chapters and national organizations to conduct media relations campaigns.

Perform as spokesperson and coordinate media inquiries official response.

Write pitches, backgrounders, press releases, key messages and blog posts.

Mange and monitor reporter hotline, global media relations calendar, metrics, media relations processes and press release approvals.

Propose ideas proactively for media pitches to stimulate media coverage.

Secure strategic media placements assisting corporate reputation and business goals.

Manage and supervise media events along with initiatives defining company story.

Identify proactive trade stories, business as well as consumer media across other divisions.

Develop and maintain close media relations across other divisions to improve press efforts.

Convey media inquiries via apt channels within and coordinate efforts of fact-finding as directed by VP of Communications.

Support framing and development of main message points for better position prior to media interviews.

Prepare speeches, talk points and varied communications materials assisting company spokesperson.

Identify brands promoting opportunities and improve awareness of services and products.

Perform with Senior Leadership to prepare plan for strategic crisis communications.

Perform as media spokesperson as supervised by leadership.

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