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News Producer Responsibilities and Duties

Manage assignment desk, news managers, reporters and other members and deliver various stories through regular broadcast.

Plan and implement stories within deadline and coordinate with reporters and managers for same.

Coordinate with team members to ensure script and video clips match and perform appropriate coding.

Collaborate with reporters and other staff to select and prioritize contents, live shots and other relevant duties for efficient execution of newscasts.

Participate in various editorial meetings to review news content for forthcoming broadcast with editorial staff.

Participate regularly in story planning meetings and conferences to decide lead stories and sub stories for each news cast.

Prepare and make appropriate news presentation based on collected stories and articles.

Coordinate and produce news specials and breaking news reports on a priority basis for every newscast and ensure consistency.

Coordinate with other teams and select pre-production graphics and elements.

Analyze and prepare innovative graphic design and pre-production elements to make newscast more attractive.

Administer efficient delivery of news in an effective way to improve viewership base through improved presentation.

Coordinate with creative department to develop promotion strategies for upcoming events, shows and newscasts.

Perform research on national, regional and local news to produce articles for every news cast.

Provide assistance to other news producers to organize, compile and write articles for newscast.

Attend phone calls regarding delays, closing, untoward incidents during hostile weather conditions.

Maintain and monitor of QUEST Crawl System.

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