News Writer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop news stories as per information generated by wire service, assignment desk, newspapers and press releases in field and archives.

Perform research and write unbiased and factual news stories, re-write wire copy and develop crisp news story.

Product and edit videotape news to make optimum use of video and sound.

Perform research information for story development and monitor story all through its various stages.

Provide assistance to producer and develop news scripts and organize videotape to present news.

Coordinate with producer to provide support producers in event of absence or extra work.

Monitor all wires feeds to gather latest breaking news for writing news for publication or airing.

Develop and write news stories that address interest of customers.

Design and edit news for reading by anchors and communicate appropriate stories to audience.

Develop bridges and other articles to broadcast during interval of news stories.

Perform copy editing of scripts for accuracy, factual content and correct language.

Prepare and update scripts for re-broadcast with relevant changes incorporated.

Prepare and complete scripts to achieve time schedule.

Manage and edit sound on tapes and video clips to enhance contents using state-of-art editing technology.

Provide assistance to reporters to prepare live field coverage and ensure good quality sound and video capture.

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