Press Secretary Responsibilities and Duties

Lead and direct development of effective and creative press plus media strategies.

Implement planning as well as routine operations.

Develop and maintain relations with press as well as media.

Write press releases, advisories and other relevant materials.

Perform closely with Chief of Staff and Chancellor to align press with company objectives and goals.

Perform effectively with all central office staff as well as school staff.

Monitor work of assistant press secretary.

Assist and execute Chancellor’s mission to change company and achievement gap closure.

Incorporate goals, facts, goals and policies in on-target messaging to resonate with particular audiences.

Execute deep content knowledge as well as relevant expertise to organization’s projects and general operations.

Recommend senior management in particular focus area and help develop competency in others.

Develop strategy along with precise, clear and ambitious measures of performance for individual projects translated in individual performance goals plus other team members’ deliverables.

Develop detailed timelines for every initiative.

Evaluate and track regularly project progress utilizing different computer tools and programs.

Stimulate project completion holding various accountable for deadlines and responsibilities.

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