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Staff Reporter Responsibilities and Duties

Review as well as analyze notes on event aspects to isolate related facts plus details.

Identify story’s emphasis, format, length and arrange material accordingly.

Arrange interviews with individuals willing to provide information and details about story.

Research and evaluate background information pertinent to stories with purpose to offer complete and right information.

Ensure to check all reference materials like books, public records and news files to attain related facts.

Investigate on entire breaking news development like crimes, disasters or human-interest stories.

Revise entire staff work to obtain editorial approval or meet time or space requirements.

Ensure to receive assignments and analyze leads or tips to prepare story ideas.

Collect information about all events across interviews, experience, research or attendance at news, sports, political, social, artistic or other functions.

Ensure to discuss issues with all editors to set priorities as well as positions.

Report news stories as suitable for broadcast or publication and provide details on background plus facts of events.

Perform taped as well as filmed interviews or narratives.

Present recorded or live commentary through broadcast media.

Write reviews of musical, literary or varied artwork on basis of judgment, knowledge or experience.

Support or edit all editing videos as required for broadcast.

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