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Clinical Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate, monitor, assign and document patient and clinical care activities.

Communicate with clinical and management teams to execute and direct patient care services.

Coordinate with all clinical disciplines to offer optimum patient care by using all resources.

Guarantee accurate QCS documentation and reporting in an efficient manner.

Assist, understand and execute center mission, philosophy and clinical policies.

Exhibit center clinical, financial, administrative and Federal ESRD regulations’ holistic knowledge.

Review and guarantee nursing process documentation, LTCP and STCP and maintained medical records for accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Schedule center audits, medical records, CQI and emergency preparedness and assign appropriate personnel.

Act as Center Governing Body and CQI Committee member and Anemia Manager supporting Medical Director.

Execute staff and patient satisfaction surveys and report results to CQI committee.

Guarantee network activities’ accuracy and reporting.

Complete timely reporting of clinical activities such as quality, Epogen log, census and payroll.

Develop and communicate with staff, patients, home office personnel and physicians effectively.

Monitor and complete FDSO8, QMS databases and QCS reports accurately.

Review medication, treatment log, medication discrepancy reports and treatment audit for accuracy.

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