Clinical Trial Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain and update all clinical system and monitor all performance within timeframe and prepare all documents for operating procedures and evaluate all documents.

Maintain effective receipt of all regulation documents from study site.

Assist to ship all drugs and resolve all issues in financial documents and prepare reports for all invoices and maintain inventory of all non-drug clinical supplies.

Gather and monitor all financial files for SOP and plan various study meetings and participate in associate meetings to provide support and documents all clinical study reports electronically.

Coordinate with various study sites and evaluate same on periodic basis to ensure accuracy in same and prepare and distribute all clinical trial supplies and maintain same.

Coordinate with various departments to label and distribute all clinical supplies appropriately and approve all vendor designs for trials and determine required protocol for all packaging designs and evaluate all records for contractors.

Manage and track all Case Report forms for clinical data efficient flow and manage all project communication and prepare required documents and maintain contact list for trials.

Administer all clinical trials and ensure compliance to schedule and formal all trial newsletters and track all legal documents and achieve same.

Monitor and gather information for all insurance requirements of trail and coordinate with various departments to prepare study budget management.

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