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Emergency Medical Technician EMT Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all patient condition and maintain knowledge on extent of all injuries and recommend required medical care for all patients and perform regular assessment of all patients and ensure minimal discomfort to all employees.

Manage all emergency services effectively and safety for all patients and establish an efficient prioritization of all programs and administer pre hospital care for all patients.

Administer all oxygen for airways on all required cases and monitor flow of all intravenous fluids and all medical procedures and provide require training to all employees.

Assist all EMT paramedics in efficient advance life support care system and determine scope of work and maintain accurate and complete documents for all patients and manage billing for same and ensure confidentiality of all patient information.

Perform regular inspection on all ambulances at beginning of every shift and ensure efficient supplies and perform everyday activities for all emergency services.

Monitor all emergency situations and ensure efficiency of same and monitor all patients on advance life support and ensure compliance to all local, state and federal policies and assess injuries of all patients to recommend appropriate procedures.

Manage all communication with medical professionals and administer all instructions given by practitioners and maintain all work according to clinical and quality standards and ensure effective response to all emergency calls within required timeframe.

Determine effective emergency care for all patients and maintain priority of all cases and provide training to employees for all ambulance attending services and maintain records of all patient information.

Administer all ambulances and evaluate it for all equipments and supplies and maintain knowledge on location of all ambulances.

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