Family Medicine Physician Responsibilities and Duties

Provide comprehensive medical services for family members based on continuous performance of duties irrespective of age or sex.

Perform essential duties and responsibilities as role of family physician.

Review patient chart and maintain record for allergies, medical problems, medications and immunization status.

Solicit and record information related to patient’s medical history.

Examine patients for symptoms and physical information before prescribing medicine.

Order and execute various tests, analysis and diagnostic images to acquire information on patient’s condition.

Study and analyze reports and findings of tests and examination and diagnoses patient’s condition.

Diagnose and prescribe medical treatments.

Determine and provide medication, dosage and schedule having patient’s condition and allergies.

Inform patient about any possible side affects to medication or immunization.

Write and administer vaccinations to immunize patient from communicable diseases.

Suggest patients about diet, hygiene, and methods for prevention of disease to promote good health.

Refer patient to medical specialist for consultant services if needed for better treatment.

Record patient’s visit, medical history, physical exam, diagnoses and plan of action.

Ensure follow up with patient regarding progress in high risk or emergency cases.

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