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Intake Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Manage and respond all incoming referral and maintain track of all inquiries and response provided within market.

Maintain good professional relationships with all customers for all internal and external activities and provide accurate information for all processes and schedule all appointments for hospital.

Provide follow up calls if required and participate in all quality assessment activities and assist to collect and analyze all information and recommend required improvements to all processes.

Monitor all promotional and marketing programs.

Participate in all job fairs and sales calls and maintain communication with all sales staff and administer work according to operational procedures and ensure compliance to all legal requirements.

Determine all notification requirements and update all status in systems and ensure completion of all benefit determination notices.

Prepare and ensure completion of all ICD-9 and CPT codes and maintain record of all enrollee notifications and provide optimal level of customer services to all enrollees and providers.

Maintain optimal quality standards for all processes and ensure compliance to productivity schedule and maintain all patient data into systems and monitor all activities.

Maintain all spreadsheets according to operations department and maintain multiple telephone lines and assist manage all correspondence through regular mails.

Distribute all mails and provide facsimile transmissions and coordinate with team members and health service provides to evaluate all processes.

Develop various correspondences and memos and maintain confidentiality of all client information and monitor all company systems.

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