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Intake Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Manage and process all requests through phone and email and coordinate with clinical staff to ensure accuracy and provide support to all internal and external customers.

Perform audit on all employment processes and document same and maintain efficient contact with all potential customers and ensure compliance to all timeframe.

Evaluate all insurance benefits and establish efficient shipment for all existing and potential customers.

Ensure response to all phone inquires and process all new sales leads for potential customers.

Coordinate with support team and manage all communication for customer orders and maintain status records for all and ensure accuracy in all logs for various reprographic jobs.

Provide response to all incoming calls for various customer services and ensure effectiveness for all processes and provide required information to all clients and claimants.

Monitor and provide update to all claims management systems and analyze all responses and maintain records of all physician certifications and maintain record on claim systems.

Process all claims and maintain logs of all telephone calls and provide update to management claim systems and assist to enhance performance for all activities.

Coordinate with various insurance companies and evaluate all sale results and manage all communication with all medical and education manager.

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