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MRI Technologist Responsibilities and Duties

Verify the operation of MRI equipment and report if there is any need for repair or maintenance.

Operate MRI equipment to capture diagnostic images of designated portions of patient body.

Position patients correctly for MRI examination.

Explain examination procedures to patients while considering their physical and emotional needs.

Provide patient care and report patient needs for medical attention.

Screen patients before examination for cardiac pacemaker, anruysim clips, stapendectomy and eye surgery.

Supervise and direct new staffs on their job duties.

Record scan parameters, MRI images and billing charges for every patient exam.

Study physician chart order and patient history and inform radiologist whether the patient is favorable or not for MRI examination.

Perform duties in times of crisis and during emergency and overtime situations.

Perform administrative and clerical jobs as needed.

Complete assigned tasks accurately while following established procedures and policies.

Analyze filing procedures to easily access and locate images and reports.

Maintain MRI rooms clean, safe and organized.

Prepare MRI room with necessary equipment and supplies required for examination.

Participate in quality assurance and improvements programs of the department.

Transport patients for examinations as per established guidelines.

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