Physician Emergency Room Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with compliant facility and varied ER Departments.

Consult with emergency room consultants suitably to utilize guidelines of HIPAA.

Ensure to complete all needed paperwork.

Attain necessary physical, history, analysis and plan on time and appropriately on every patient and prepare treatment plan.

Utilize paraprofessional personnel as appropriate.

Respond to all cardiopulmonary arrest properly.

Arrange appropriate backup from EMS and interpret electrocardiograms.

Perform preliminary interpretation of all radiographs and direct medical care via radio communication with respective ambulance.

Provide instructions for discharge and any paperwork along with quick sentence intubation.

Ensure to examine all entitled healthcare system recipients for emergency medical care to provide medical evaluation of their condition and take apt action.

Evaluate immediately and manage emergency patients presented themselves for care.

Ensure no less than an average of two patients per hour while treating urgent as well as non-urgent patients.

Provide perfect medical care to lessen emergency situation plus enable patient to carefully persist care as outpatient with follow-up care as needed.

Review all laboratory plus x-ray reports everyday and inform ordering physician of necessary actions taken.

Ensure to maintain all medical records.

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