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Physician Hospitalist Responsibilities and Duties

Perform duties of patient’s primary-care physician when patient is in hospital till discharge.

Coordinate patient care between specialists at hospital.

Facilitate patients navigate hospital bureaucracy and manage communication among doctors plus medical team, patient and their family.

Analyze and approve any medical or surgical admissions.

Provide H&P, discharge summaries and daily visits for all allocated health plan patients.

Oversee and participate in daily rounds with inpatient team case managers.

Authorize entire tertiary admissions along with transfers.

Provide emergency room analysis for triage, admission or discharge.

Utilize services of contracted providers inclusive of physicians plus ancillary services.

Interact clearly and fully with physicians and varied professional staff related to inpatient care issues.

Represent hospitalist group at various hospital meetings as assigned by Medical Director or designee.

Maintain and manage hospital privileges in respectable standing.

Collaborate effectual delivery of timely and apt medical care and services.

Provide physician services when assigned hospital shift.

Support every member of hospitalist team as required.

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