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Plant Pathologist Responsibilities and Duties

Develop plans to conduct test experimental hypotheses.

Identify all appropriate resources and ensure compliance to all timeframe.

Prepare all complex plant diseases and establish all formulations and monitor its effective and summarize and analyze all results.

Maintain all experiment records on laboratory notebooks.

Design all test protocols and ensure achievement of all plant objectives.

Collect all pathogen culture collection for all cryogenic storages.

Maintain plant and obtain all required PPQ permits.

Develop appropriate methods for all pest management and control programs.

Participate in all training activities for organization to ensure pathological diagnosis efficiently.

Manage and organize all surveys and investigations for all tests to identify all cause and severity of all fungal and bacterial infections attacking plants.

Maintain and store all plant and plant associated products and maintain all plant pathology diagnostic laboratories.

Provide assistance in all forest plant pathology associate activities and analyze all data to evaluate all biological data.

Maintain optimal quality for all test results and coordinate with project managers and formulation chemists and maintain effectiveness of all projects.

Provide assistance to all professional scientists and plant pathologists to resolve all issues for all sites.

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