Primary Care Physician Responsibilities and Duties

Provide medical care on basis of main and preventative care to attain physical, mental and emotional needs of patients under limited scope of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.

Ensure patients are attended well according to acquired skills and training.

Provide scheduled Diagnostic Radiology as well as Imaging.

Perform as key point of entry into VA health care system.

Ensure to emphasize prevention, wellness and early detection.

Manage and direct general physician medical care.

Provide treatment for mild depression, anxiety and loss/grief issues.

Provide steady care with VAMC for patients enrolled in VA Primary Cares Program.

Perform basic mental screenings as well as medication adjustments as required.

Promote continuity plus quality care by ongoing relations with veteran enrollee.

Maintain universal precautions as well as infection control practices.

Develop and maintain continuing relations with veteran and assist veteran to malt referrals for services or admissions to VAMC as medically suitable.

Identify referrals needed on basis of examination as well as patient needs.

Provide smooth plus on time patients’ flow complying with VA access standards as well as triage protocol.

Oversee entire delivery of care to patients by organization.

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