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Rad Tech Responsibilities and Duties

Identify patient service requirements by establishing personal rapport with actual patients and his family.

Ensure radiology equipment functions properly by conducting regular preventive maintenance requirements.

Comply with manufacturer’s instructions, identify malfunctions, request for repairs, maintain equipment inventories and evaluate new equipment and techniques.

Maintain radiology supplies inventory through stock check to determine inventory level.

Estimate radiology equipment supplies, order for supplies, expedite and verify receipt of supplies.

Comply with federal, state and local legal and professional requirements by studying existing and new legislation.

Estimate future legislation, enforce adherence to requirements and recommend management on needed actions.

Participate in educational workshops to maintain professional and technical knowledge.

Review professional publications, establish personal networks and participate in professional societies.

Maintain safe and clean working environment conforming procedures, rules, and regulations.

Attain patient cooperation by reducing anxieties, explaining treatment and clarifying doubts.

Prepare patient for radiological procedure by positioning patient, adjusting immobilization devices, moving equipment to right and setting equipment controls to set exposure factors.

Reduce radiation to patient and staff through utilizing radiation protection techniques, beam restrictive devices, patient shielding and knowledge of exposure factors.

Protect patients and employees by following infection-control policies and protocols.

Maintain production and quality of radiographs adhering to standards and procedures.

Develop radiographs, observe radiographic results and execute necessary adjustments.

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