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Toxicologist Responsibilities and Duties

Comply, analyze and interpret field as well as laboratory toxic substances.

Attain toxicological, chemical and biological data plus reports conclusions.

Conducts chemical, physical and toxicological properties analysis of chemical substances and evaluate associated hazards.

Develop rational and criteria for analyzing chemical hazards.

Identify probable toxic substance components presence in emissions, discharges and waste streams.

Support to develop environmental supervising programs for all toxic substances.

Develop periodic plus special technical as well as scientific reports along with articles.

Review and analyze test methods protocols to verify validity and adequacy of use for entire application to evaluate different toxic substance issues.

Maintain and prepare records, reports plus correspondence pertinent to work.

Review properly forensic cases to identify if drugs caused death.

Participate in non-accredited educational programs.

Discuss importance and significance of blood and urine drug screens.

Interact with others on fundamental pharmacokinetics and pharmacology of therapy drugs along with drugs of abuse.

Discuss latest trends as well as myths related to patient conformance testing and significance of accurate testing.

Explain general metabolic pathways along with interpretation of compliant as well as non-compliant test results.

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