CNC Machinist Responsibilities and Duties

Install all machines and administer all operating controls.

Perform editing on all programs and ensure compliance to all client requirements and interpret all drawings and specifications to set up all equipments.

Analyze all engineering drawings and specifications and perform work according to geometric dimensions and generate all CNC codes with help of all software.

Administer and perform all editing on all CNC programs and identify all errors and determine all tools and fixtures for all parts.

Perform and mark all dimensions for various machines and develop plans for all preventative maintenance procedures for all equipments.

Adjust machines as per requirement and ensure quality in all production processes and manage all communication with engineers and supervisors and resolve issues for quality.

Provide an effective interface with manufacturing engineering team and design all specifications for products and perform troubleshoot to resolve all quality issues.

Inspect all parts for measuring instruments and ensure compliance to all specifications and maintain safe procedures and regulations.

Perform preventative maintenance on all equipments and ensure adherence to manufacturer instruction and perform troubleshoot on all processes.

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