CNC Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and interpret all blueprints and manuals for various CNC operations and supervise all set ups for same.

Maintain knowledge on all G-code commands and perform minor modification on machines if required and ensure compliance to all specifications for all finished pieces.

Identify and replace all dull cutting tools and install and secure all tools for attachment with help of various hand tools and measuring instruments.

Analyze and measure all controls for machine factors such as speed and coolant flow and assist to edit all computerized machine control media and identify all malfunctions in machines and ensure timely repair of same.

Identify all sounds of machines during operation and adjust same to resolve all issues and assist others to adjust speed in case of automatic programming machines and perform all work according to machining sequences.

Perform all work on machines with help of hoist and cranes if required and modify all cutting programs for various operations.

Analyze and insert all control instructions on machines with assistance to start operations and operate all measuring tools and equipments with help of veneers and gauges.

Perform visual inspection on all machines and recommend required adjustments to same and participate in all Quality Manual Standards programs.

Ensure compliance to all safety procedures and prepare reports for all unsafe conditions in processes and ensure optimal use of all materials and equipments.

Monitor inventory of stock and manage communication with all CNC operators and ensure neat and clean work area at all times and free of all unwanted materials.

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