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CNC Programmer Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure optimal utilization of all spreadsheets and bill of materials and analyze all sketches and drawings.

Establish all reference points and provide assistance to machine paths and calculate all angular and linear dimensions and design sequence for all machine parts and prepare geometric layout with help of various software.

Install and operate all machines and design all instruction sheets and develop all machine instructions with help of all symbolic languages and ensure accuracy of all instructions.

Identify all instruction errors and assist to resolve same and operate various machines to ensure appropriate trial run and design new programs for all production machines to ensure quality.

Analyze and select all cutting tools and speed for CNC programs.

Evaluate all designs to ensure reduction in manufacturer cost and time and utilize all raw materials for various applications and oversee all process validation functions.

Monitor all CNC programs and ensure accuracy of all instructions through comparison with original blueprints and design program network to increase efficiency of all programs.

Prepare and verify all technical documents for CNC programs.

Provide all required tooling information and reduce cycle time for all programs and manage communication with all engineers and plant personnel.

Design all new processes to reduce time for all CNC programs and resolve all issues in same and provide training to all operators to develop new CNC programs and equipments.

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