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Extrusion Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all extrusion engineering process and evaluate all clinical processes and equipment and assist in development of same and manage all business acquisitions and monitor all product transfer from R&D facility to manufacturing.

Assist and administer all R&D to manufacturing and assist to manage all internal manufacturing units and monitor working of all manufacturing vendors.

Coordinate with extrusion engineering team and assist in manufacturing of all components for organization businesses and develop various product lines with help of low cost manufacturing units.

Design all equipment and process specifications for manufacturing units and administer all engineering activities and recommend strategies to increase profit for all sites and provide support to all in house extrusion activities.

Analyze all company processes and products and recommend improvements to same by using optimal extrusion technologies and collaborate with R&D team to develop and manufacture new products.

Design all quality and regulatory requirements for projects according to policies and procedures and design and implement all test method validation in compliance with project guidelines and evaluate all documents to maintain accuracy in same as per availability of all templates.

Monitor all continuous improvement cycle and process flow and apply appropriate lean manufacturing techniques and recommend required improvements to all manufacturing and business processes.

Analyze all issues in procedures and resolve all structure issues using various statistical methods and resolve variance in applications with help of Six Sigma and implement project activities for cross functional teams.

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