Metallurgical Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Administer everyday production, develop plans to upgrade plant and ensure optimal level of quality assurance.

Coordinate with manufacturing managers and ensure continuous improvement of all plant in terms of productivity and technical reliability.

Collaborate with supervisor and ensure compliance to all environmental and safety procedures of plant operations.

Assist Project Manager to prepare appropriate project budget and schedule and ensure adherence to same.

Work with various departments, identify development opportunities and design strategies for improvement.

Analyze projects and use various qualitative devices to ensure constant development of same.

Train and assist employees in work and ensure efficiency.

Develop and ensure compliance to all ISO 9001 regulations for metallurgical process.

Design processes and maintain all quality assurance systems and objectives.

Perform various quality improvement techniques to SPC methods.

Coordinate with engineers present in area and resolve all customer issues.

Design plans to perform investigation on process.

Maintain and classify all data and perform regular analysis of same to resolve issues.

Provide training to all employees and ensure maintenance of quality.

Train and evaluate work of junior staff.

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