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Metallurgist Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all microscopic samples and determine metal specifications such as structure and erosion.

Manage all metallurgical process, prepare charts and graphs and prepare appropriate reports for all investigations.

Provide support to all engineering projects and develop appropriate materials and ensure efficient and smooth operations.

Perform tests on fixed equipments and provide support to all inspection and reliability groups.

Analyze all fixed equipments, perform failure analysis and prepare appropriate reports.

Evaluate all reports, perform regular examination with help of methodological system.

Manage all work, prepare appropriate codes and classify various materials.

Coordinate with machinery departments and suppliers and perform tests on various raw natural resources.

Analyze all data and prepare reports for all results.

Provide support to all manufacturing department and assist in analyzing various materials.

Perform tests on all components and ensure prevention of rust and maintain cleanliness of all equipments.

Coordinate with staff members and resolve all technical problems of manufacturing unit.

Perform tests on various heat equipments operations in department.

Provide support all backup operations and resolve all issues on same.

Participate in external research programs and manage all publications to increase company image.

Ensure compliance to all environment safety requirements and operating guidelines.

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