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Tool Maker Responsibilities and Duties

Execute test runs with finished tools or dies to assure components attain parameters and adapt as necessary.

Ensure to cut, shape as well as trim blanks and blocks to precise lengths or shapes utilizing power shears, power saws, rules plus hand tools.

Design fixtures, jigs and templates for usage as work aids to fabricate components or products.

Design and develop new tools plus dies utilizing computer-aided design software.

Ensure to file, shim, grind plus adjust various parts to accurately fit them together.

Ensure to fit and join parts to prepare, repair or change dies, gauges, jigs and tools utilizing machine plus hand tools.

Inspect completed for contour conformity, smoothness and defects.

Ensure to lift, position as well as secure all machined parts on surface plates and worktables utilizing vises, hoists, angle plates or v-blocks.

Establish and operate drill presses to tap holes and drill in components for assembly.

Ensure to select, devise, prepare and fabricate shop aids needed to complete work tasks.

Select metals to utilize from range of alloys and metals on basis of properties like hardness plus heat tolerance.

Prepare smooth, polish flat as well as contoured surfaces of components utilizing abrasive stones, scrapers, emery cloths, files or power grinders.

Establish pyrometer controls required for heat-treating furnaces.

Ensure to feed or place parts, assemblies or tools into furnaces for hardening.

Study sketches, models, blueprints or specifications to plan operation’s sequences for fabricating tools, assemblies and dies.

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