Network Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Install and perform upgrade on various new devices.

Assist to prepare license and maintain an inventory for same on regular basis.

Prepare all technical reports regarding server and networking system.

Monitor and provide upgrade to all computer related technologies inclusive of operating systems.

Identify and resolve problems and assist users as per requirement.

Develop and design plans for LAN and WAN network within organization.

Coordinate with staff members to obtain networking systems and services.

Perform complete security audits and provide technical backup inclusive of retrieval process.

Manage server and ensure budget-friendly and efficient servers.

Organize training programs for customers in technology and enable to gain competency.

Prepare and maintain comprehensive paperwork for implementation program.

Collaborate different methods and modify business setups plus technology based consortium.

Participate in all growth oriented programs to safeguard systems from disaster.

Manage all communication with other departments maintain records and resolve all software application related issues.

Install and perform regular tests on software application programs.

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