Nursing Home Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

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Manage daily functions of facility and ensure optimal levels of customer services.

Assist departments to draft and circulate written policies and procedures to assist in daily operation.

Administer and manage resident care, personnel and other policies and procedures and ensure compliance with facility by-laws and local, state and federal regulations.

Evaluate and implement recommendation from facility committees such as Quality Assurance, safety etc.

Participate in inspections and surveys conducted by relevant government agencies.

Maintain quality and service standard to and ensure adherence to all establish standards as per company guidelines.

Monitor all legal, regulatory, accreditation and reimbursement proceedings according to established guidelines and standards.

Prepare annual budget and align monthly performance in line with prepared budget.

Train and retain adequate number of qualified staff to perform facility services and programs.

Maintain and submit required documents and forms as per policy guidelines to meet company procedures as per schedule.

Evaluate and conduct periodic employee performance appraisals to ensure performance as per set objectives and outcomes.

Maintain neat and clean environment for residents, patients, staff and visitors in line with company guidelines.

Maintain and submit required records as part of facility operation in accurate manner.

Manage all components of federal and state government survey processes.

Ensure administration of facility according to HIPAA guidelines.

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