Certified Nursing Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Provide nursing assistance and care for patients.

Measure and record patient’s temperature, heart beat, blood pressure and respiration on daily basis.

Collect patient’s stool, urine and blood for medical tests as ordered by head nurse.

Maintain personal health and hygiene of patients.

Assist patients in daily activities like bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, walking and other activities.

Label personal care items of patients and replace them as needed.

Ensure patients are dressed appropriately with fitting clothes, shoes and stockings.

Monitor patient’s bladder and bowel movement and document the results.

Ensure that the patient takes adequate fluid and nutritional as recommended by physician.

Feed patients or assist them in feeding when needed.

Communicate to the head nurse regarding patient’s health changes and problems.

Measure body weight of residents and report major changes to head nurse.

Ensure patient’s bed and chair alarms function properly.

Attend staff meetings to develop and optimize the patient care programs.

Assist head nurse in patient admissions, transfers and discharge.

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