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Charge Nurse Responsibilities and Duties

Provide direct patient care and services in the assigned unit.

Monitor patients throughout the shift and report any emergencies to physicians promptly.

Address patient complaints in a timely fashion to ensure patient satisfaction.

Serve as a resource in interdisciplinary team to ensure quality patient care.

Develop individual care plan to meet patient needs and achieve treatment goals.

Supervise new hires and less experienced staffs on their job duties.

Manage daily staff assignment and patient scheduling to ensure clinic coverage and flow.

Perform daily rounds to assess patient condition and distribute medications to patients.

Assess and address physical and emotional needs of patients.

Educate patients on their health condition, maintenance and treatments.

Document and report patient assessment data to physician on daily basis.

Update patient medical records with services provided, health condition and response to treatments.

Assist Supervisor in developing budgetary guidelines.

Report medical supply and equipment needs to Supervisor.

Assist Head Nurse in recruiting, performance evaluation, and retention and termination activities.

Assist in developing orientations and job training programs for new hires.

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