Clinical Nurse Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and implement all standards for patient care and coordinate with various departments to ensure compliance to all institutional policies and documents all professional nursing care activities and supervise all work and analyze all patient requirements.

Perform research on various nursing processes and provide care to patients accordingly and ensure compliance to all nursing standards and provide appropriate training to all teaching activities and prepare plans for same and manage all communication with patients.

Facilitate and participate in all nursing research activities through optimal utilization of all clinical activities and participate in all assessment processes for clinical activities and maintain responsibility for all nursing practices.

Administer all clinical activities and maintain therapeutic and consumer centric environment and coordinate with various departments to review all patient technical plans and assist in recovery of all patients through proper sedation.

Oversee all patient flows to clinic and provide support to staff and collaborate with various members of health care and implement all activities and analyze all nursing activities to provide recommendations for improvement.

Develop various clinical procedures and ensure optimal services and assist in hiring of staff and provide required training to same and ensure compliance to all standards and objectives.

Ensure optimal level of services to all patients and members of health care team and perform investigation on all actual risk management issues and perform regular analysis to identify same and assist management with all decisions.

Analyze and ensure optimal utilization of all financial resources and manage all communication with patients and ensure adherence to Patient Bill of Rights and participate in all community agencies and institutional committees.

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