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Head Nurse Responsibilities and Duties

Maintain and provide update to all medical records and administer all routine tests and examinations for patients and supervise efficient working of staff and coordinate with nursing director to develop all clinical services.

Manage all patients in units and provide and recommend most cost effective methods and assist in physicians to conduct all everyday rounds and participate in periodic performance and evaluate performance improvement plans.

Oversee work of nursing department and supervise all medical and laboratory services as per resident requirement and mange recruitment of staff and provide required training for same.

Administer all nursing services provided and ensure compliance to all joint commission guidelines and participate in various committees and manage all communication with staff and associate ancillary departments.

Organize and schedule all committee meetings and maintain efficient schedule for all nursing activities and ensure achievement of all facility and resident requirements.

Prepare schedule for all shifts and ensure no overlapping and oversee all nursing facility according to hospital policies and manage all resources for same.

Monitor all patient care activities and ensure adherence to all hospital policies to satisfy all patient requirement and evaluate all assignments for members of shifts and maintain all policies and procedures for nursing unit.

Develop quality assurance program for all nursing activities and maintain control standards on all work to prepare required CRAE reports and participate in DQC meetings and assist to resolve all issues in nursing departments.

Coordinate with shift head nurse to organize all nursing staff meetings and prepare reports for same and ensure compliance to all objectives.

Provide orientation to all new employees and prepare training program for same as per requirement and implement all changes on systems and evaluate all continuous quality improvement programs and documents for same.

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