Health Unit Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Transcribe and communicate health physician orders on time.

Manage unit communication to promptly answer telephones and activating paging system and unit mail.

Document and manage medical records as per policy.

Support physicians by transcribing orders and managing patient charts.

Incorporate vision, values, missions and critical goals into job performance.

Manage Hospital standards by engaging in health committees and in-services.

Precept new associates as assigned by department manager.

Prioritize work and manage multiple emergent demands by working independently.

Tabulate data log sheets, receive payment, make receipt and follow billing procedures.

Prioritize and transcribe written doctor’s order under RN supervision.

Manage patient medical records as per hospital and unit policy.

Develop and achieve unit goals on health, safety, cost and quality.

Attain customer service excellence by satisfying customer needs.

Transcribe health physician order under RN’s directions.

Handle patient activities on and off nursing unit such facility transfers.

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