Nurse Tech Responsibilities and Duties

Provide assistance to patients and family both psychologically and emotionally to facilitate fast recovery.

Administer efficient patient care by collaborating with appropriate health care team in fact paced environment.

Provide assistance in treating patients by following correct treatment procedures and equipment and ensure compliance to company policies and procedures.

Perform all assign tasks and ensure good patient care in line with established guidelines.

Perform documentation as per requirement and complete all forms.

Organize staff development activities as part of continuing education program for nurses and physicians.

Provide personal hygiene assistance by giving bathes, dress changes during their stay in facility.

Administer and serve and collect food trays and help patient during feeding.

Assist patients during diagnosis and treatment and manage all drapes and positioning on investigation.

Provide assistance to patients during ambulation.

Document vital signs and measure I & O and weights of patients for record.

Prepare pass and collect bed pans, change bed lines and perform non-sterile dressing changes for all patients.

Provide counseling, and provide support to patients and family members.

Maintain record and communicate patient’s current status to appropriate person using computerized documentation systems.

Ensure all care procedures according to cultural background of patients.

Train new staff to align with established systems and make working with facility comfortable affair.

Initiate precautionary measures to ensure safety using appropriate protective equipment.

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