Organic Chemist Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Analyze and monitor validity of all data collected from organic department.

Prepare various reports for analysis and perform review on all technical data and provide training to technicians for same.

Perform troubleshoot on all technical organic issues and assist on all departmental development programs.

Train and prepare programs as per schedule for all activities and all implement all programs as per Lab methods and design various preventative maintenance programs on all processes.

Design and execute various test methods on to production system and recommend enhancement to same to improve effectiveness of results and documents all tests methods for organic department.

Identify root cause through effective analysis on internal and external non conformances and recommend appropriate preventative and corrective actions in organic department and assist other departments to evaluate all data.

Analyze all data generated in laboratory and ensure authenticity for same and provide technical expertise on all data quality issues and perform regular capacity analysis on same.

Coordinate with Quality Assurance director and prepare schedule of related requirements and maintain and update knowledge on all new technologies in organic laboratory environment.

Develop various next generation production systems and ensure accuracy and automation in all processes and participate in various inter-laboratory programs and maintain method accreditation.

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