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Fermentation Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Execute technology transfer packages for transfer of Solazyme’s fermentation processes to contract manufacturers.

Supervise ongoing fermentation pilot and manufacturing activities at contract manufacturers.

Develop, identify, optimize and improve critical oil fermentation working with Fermentation and Downstream Process Development teams.

Engineer and execute fermentation operating strategies and process control strategies based on strong understanding of biochemical engineering principles.

Search and analyze critical process equipment and systems needed for technology scale-up and full production.

Modify, upgrade and develop new construction of manufacturing facilities by providing fermentation process design input into projects.

Analyze and record process flow configurations, instrument specifications, instrumentation and piping diagrams required for systems design.

Utilize pilot process data for developing operational narratives.

Analyze several different system configurations and complete mathematical model of pretreatments.

Establish and operate bench scale bioreactors.

Develop and execute scalable bioreactor control strategies.

Execute flask or small scale experiments supporting fermentation process development.

Conduct detailed analysis, compiling and reporting of fermentation data.

Support transferring fermentation processes to pilot and demonstration plants.

Conduct routine maintenance of fermentation laboratory equipment.

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