Nuclear Pharmacist Responsibilities and Duties

Administer order processing, review and dispatch ordered items to customers and ensure accuracy and consistency.

Prepare and dispense radiopharmaceuticals as per order to customers and adhere to delivery guidelines and schedules.

Monitor and dispense drugs in small doses or in bulk units to patients as per established dispensary rules.

Assist other departments to procure radiopharmaceuticals and related products to aid dispensary services.

Prepare drugs using appropriate and measured ingredients on efficient equipments to generate suitable radio medicine according to pharmacy principles.

Supervise and support leukocyte labeling procedures with help of radioactive tracer elements.

Organize training programs to develop safe work environment and adopt safety acts and procedures.

Enter data into computer system and deliver all paper work to customers as part of Pharmacy Operations.

Organize purchasing and pharmacy accounting procedures to control expenses and maximize profit.

Maintain work acocrding Standards and Health and Safety rules to safeguard patients against undesirable hazards due to radioactive substances.

Maintain adequate drug inventory and other supply levels to facilitate supply units.

Perform tests on equipments for dose calibrator and carry out survey meter checks for recording manually.

Ensure all products undergo quality control checks and record results manually as part of documentation of production process.

Develop budgetary commitments and prepare pharmacy budgets and manage entire operation.

Supervise waste management to dispose life-threatening wastes in proactive manner.

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