Pharmacist Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure routine smooth operations across pharmacy department.

Manage pharmacy staff inclusive but not restricted to training and interviewing.

Assist with overtime for staff management, annual reviews, schedule hours and subordinates time off.

Respond to telephone calls and fill all prescriptions ordered.

Head responsibility to ship procedures to assure customer orders are processed accurately, efficiently as well as timely.

Oversee orders and shipments go out as scheduled.

Review entire pharmacy orders filled by respective subordinates.

Prepare hours schedule for subordinates along with time off and timesheets submission to HR essential for payroll processing.

Supervise entire inventory management related to pharmacy.

Interact and maintain positive customer relations with respect to correspondence support and back office phone.

Identify opportunities to add value to customers catered by suggesting varied sale items benefiting customer.

Verify record’s accuracy either daily or weekly commensurate to prescription volume.

Comply with entire laws governing to pharmacy practice and drugs distribution.

Ensure all prescription drugs plus controlled substances are secure and safe in pharmacy.

Prepare an approved drug list for entire unit dose inventories.

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