Pharmacy Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Develop prescribed product, attain product from shelf, count specified quantity, place drug in apt container and label on items to be checked by pharmacist.

Ensure to package product after it is checked by pharmacist.

Perform drug scan, place it in bag having printed paperwork as well as receipt.

Ensure to sort packages to specific locations through computer system scan into apt tote to be shipped to stores.

Receive prescriptions from patients plus verify needed information is written on form.

Print prescription labels having information like name of patient, clinic, medication and dosage instructions.

Provide prescription labels pharmacist for review.

Ensure to receive and put incoming supplies on shelves along with tag and price as per given directions.

Rotate stock, move older medication to front shelf used prior to expiration date.

Support pharmacists to prepare and dispense prescriptions.

Ensure pharmacy is always well arranged and clean.

Compile everyday statistics like number of patients asking for prescriptions, new received prescriptions and refill orders number.

Respond to telephone calls, provide general information and route varied calls to apt party.

Support Pharmacist with all inventory through counting drugs plus supplies.

Maintain and update records of laboratory, prescription and x-ray charges.

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