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Pharmacy Cashier Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to acknowledge customers with make eye contact, smile and provide assistance.

Log sales on cash register, process payments as well as bag prescriptions.

Ensure prescriptions given to patient are correct with respect to patient using name along with address to confirm.

Handle complete money properly and record all transactions accurately.

Maintain and manage over-counter drug products, order and stock adequate inventory.

Ensure to re-stock prescription stock bottles as directed by pharmacist.

Support pharmacist as well as pharmacy technician with pre-filling and vile-filling of prescription along with Drug-O-Matic cassette filling.

Maintain competency level to answer patient’s questions related to prescription plan advantages.

Execute rules and regulations related to operational, administrative and professional written procedures and policies of pharmacy services.

Head responsibility to file hard copy prescriptions as well as mail order-order forms.

Ensure to check in, process and put in stock or else return bins accurately.

Ensure entire merchandise received and inform pharmacist of complete back ordered, discontinue all non stocked items as directed by pharmacist.

Participate actively in performance improvement.

Identify, interpret, record and report risk management related issues.

Comply with company safety along with hazardous materials policies.

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