Photo Technician Responsibilities and Duties

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Develop different types of film utilizing variety of laboratory equipments.

Identify development process as needed dependent on film type.

Print enlargements, transparencies and contact prints.

Ensure to copy photographic composites for customer usage in exhibits, journals, displays and educational purposes.

Maintain and manage chemical levels plus solution integrity for routine processors as well as hand development systems.

Conduct filter as well as time analysis to develop cibachrome prints utilizing various film plus paper types.

Shoot slides through original prints and mount as well as label slides.

Maintain and update files of slides along with negatives.

Ensure suitable storage conditions are attained.

Maintain and update records of activities performed.

Maintain and manage tool performance goals, report uptimes and develop action plans when tools fail to attain performance needs.

Provide suitable documentation for Maintenance Management Systems for entire work completed.

Read as well as interpret electrical and electronic schematics to repair tool subsystems.

Perform with systems consisting of electrical, radiation, mechanical, liquid as well as gas systems and hazards.

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